• The AirMotion Team

Why It’s A Great Idea for Metal Buildings to Use HVLS Fans

The insulation in a metal building helps maintain the temperature inside and conserve energy. While insulation can help you reduce energy costs and lower your carbon footprint, HVLS fans (or big fans) can help reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint even further.


If you’ve a building for agricultural, industrial, commercial, or any other purposes it’s always a great idea to install HVLS fans to reduce energy costs and improve the indoor atmosphere. Sure, there are plenty of options for heating or cooling your building, but AirMotion HVLS fans outperform all of them.

Benefits of Using HVLS Fans

High Volume Low Speed fans can be used to cool or heat a building.

  • For cooling: The massive air movement by these big industrial ceiling fans can replace up to 48 high-speed fans and provides a cooling effect on human skin by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot and humid days. They also make existing air conditioning more efficient and cost-effective - reducing energy usage by up to 20% or even more. This is extremely helpful in those scorching summer days to keep people cool, comfortable, happy, and productive - especially in metal buildings that are used as fitness centers or indoor sports facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, automobile garages, aircraft hangars, dairy barns, arenas or equestrian training facilities, brewhouses, retail outlets and many others.

  • For heating: In the colder days HVLS fans are used to redistribute heated air (which is otherwise wasted) in a metal building for better heating comfort - the process is called Heat Destratification. Unlike others, all AirMotion HVLS fans are designed to move air upward equally effectively - which is crucial for more effective Heat Destratification - and reduce heating costs by up to 40% or even more.

The utility bill in the winter months can sometimes be outrageous. HVLS fans can ensure the same toasty feeling you're used to but at a much lower energy usage and costs. This applies to any structures, again, from barn to breweries. Apart from that, these big commercial fans also eliminate hot or cold zones and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the space.

Different Sizes of HVLS Fans to Meet Your Requirement

AirMotion’s VPT™ fans are available in 9, 12, and 15 ft diameters. They come with Variable Pitch Technology which is patented by AirMotion Sciences. These fans are smaller and designed to fit tighter spaces but still provide air movement equivalent to larger fans.

  • For example - the 15 ft fans move 340,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) which is more than most 24 ft fans.

AirMotion’s MPT™ fans are available in 12, 16, 20, and 24 ft diameters - which are designed to provide massive air movement.

  • For example - the 24 ft fans move 710,000 cubic feet of air per minute which is twice as much than most 24 ft fans. AirMotion calls it Massive Performance Technology. These fans are simple (in design and technology) and priced affordably.

The coverage area by AirMotion’s big fans is up to 22,000 sq ft or more for one fan.

Benefits of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings, just like HVLS fans, are eco-friendly and reduce the stress on the environment. Steel buildings are one of the most sustainable structures in the world. The materials can be reused and 100% recycled.

Another great benefit of metal buildings is how quickly and easily they can be built. A building that’s about 2400 square feet would take a 3-man crew for about five days to put together - much faster than the wood frame buildings.

Furthermore, metal buildings allow builders and purchasers greatly reduce their construction costs since the materials used are cheaper than wood, blocks, or bricks. It could even be half the time and half the cost compared to a wood frame building. The upkeep is minimal to none since it’s 100% mold and termite repellent.


No matter which way you look at it, HVLS fans are the way to go. Not only will they save you money on your electric bill, but also, ensure you stay comfortable and productive in all seasons.

You can also feel good knowing that you can be one step closer in reducing the stress on Mother Earth with both metal buildings and HVLS fans.

This article was created by MBMI Metal Buildings with AirMotion Sciences, Inc.