• The AirMotion Team

What Are HVLS Fans?

HVLS fans, or High Volume Low Speed fans, or big fans, are large industrial ceiling fans come in sizes varying from 8 to 24 ft in diameter.

Designed for using in large facilities like warehouses, distribution centers, dairy barns, manufacturing or maintenance facilities, indoor sports facilities and other large industrial or commercial spaces, they rotate at very low speeds - often from less than 50 RPM to a little more than 100 RPM - depending on their sizes, and as the name suggests, move high volume of air with their large blades.

HVLS fans typically use 1 to 3 HP motors with gear reducers so that they can effortlessly rotate the large blades at low speeds to move and mix massive amounts of air efficiently and effectively in large spaces.

These large diameter fans use very little energy to operate and provide quick payback via substantial energy savings. The energy saving aspect also help large facilities reduce their carbon footprint.

  • One 3 HP 24 ft HVLS fan can replace as many as 48 high-speed fans mostly with 1 to 1/2 HP motors - reducing energy consumption substantially.

  • Their quiet and non-disruptive air movement (imagine a soothing breeze by the sea side) provide evaporative cooling by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot and humid days.

  • They can make Air Conditioning more effective and substantially reduce HVAC energy usage and costs.

  • HVLS fans are very efficient in improving ventilation and Indoor Air Quality.

  • One 24 ft HVLS fan can cover up to 20,000 sq ft or more.

  • The movement of thier large blades is known to scare the birds and bugs away and reduce the nuisance that they cause in spaces like warehouses, distribution centers, hangars, barns, or other large facilities with big doors.

  • Their slow and massive air movement also help in keeping floors and stored product dry thereby improving safety and reducing spoilage.

  • And last but not least, unlike high speed fans HVLS fans provide much better heating comfort in the cold weather conditions by pushing the heated air trapped at the roof level down to the floor level and save energy by up to 40% or even more!

In fact the advantages, rather benefits of using these large fans are endless to describe and almost everyday we get to learn about a new benefit someone has come across. The bottom line is: HVLS fans provide great comfort in all seasons and substantially reduce HVAC energy costs.