• The AirMotion Team

How Indoor Sports Facilities Can Benefit From Big HVLS Fans

We have found that one of the big problems with indoor sports facilities is STAGNANT AIR which triggers serious health and comfort issues like 1. HUMIDITY (caused by breathing and sweating), 2. ODOR (caused by perspiration and the occasional farting, yes you read that right), and 3. POOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY / STUFFY ATMOSPHERE (caused by lack of adequate air movement).

If the space is too big there could also be zones of different temperatures which is, again, caused by lack of air movement or use of small fans.

We have also come across facilities - mostly in busy locations - where we found toxic / noxious gases and fumes and suspended particulate matters (SMPs) hanging around in the indoor atmosphere.

The problems are somewhat less concerning with the air-conditioned facilities, but considerably more in spaces with large front doors which remain mostly open.

We have also found that the problems are aggravated by, believe it or not, the use of small fans. Small fans move a very scanty amount of air in narrow patches, thereby creating pockets of inconsistent air quality (good where the air moves and poor in the other areas; comfortable at one place and stuffy in the others). The patchy air movement also creates different temperature zones in large spaces. And the direct, strong draft of the small fans can sometimes be very uncomfortable and annoying. Apart from that, small fans take up a lot of space when kept around the floor, make it messy, and hazards of tripping or other accidents cannot also be ruled out.

Now when you are working out to keep fit, or going for a slam dunk, or chasing your opponent to grab the ball, or practicing hard for the next match your lungs need more air - and if the air is humid, smelly, or polluted chances are you are gonna get serious health issues sooner.

The massive air movement by big HVLS fans reduces humidity and SMPs, eliminates odor, stuffy atmosphere and different temperature zones, and greatly enhances the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).


The wonderful thing about big HVLS fans is they can be used in all seasons, and any weather conditions.


The massive air movement creates a mind-blowing breeze that keeps people cool, comfortable, and high-spirited in the hot and humid days - at a much lower energy cost.


Big fans also make air-conditioning in the large sports facilities more effective. As they move and mix a very large amount of air the temperature can be set several degrees higher and people can still feel comfortable. The comfort level also goes up as the stuffy atmosphere and hot-and-cold zones - typical issues associated with the large air-conditioned facilities - are eliminated. And with the increase of temperature settings at least 20 to 30% energy costs can be knocked down.


In the days when temperatures fall below 20 degrees and a breeze is not desired, some of the big fans move air up and keep the indoor atmosphere refreshed and healthy without a downward draft.


When it snows out there the effective upward air movement by some big fans recirculates the otherwise wasted heat that gets stuck in the roof level to keep people deliciously warm and lop heating costs off by 40% or more.

Some big fans are there on the market which fit tighter spaces and moves twice as much air as the ordinary others. They provide the same benefits much more effectively and efficiently.