• The AirMotion Team

How Dairy Barns Can Benefit from HVLS Fans

If you're into dairy farming (or raising other livestock) you're into one of the hardest professions in the world. And probably the following issues are making your life even harder -


Most barns are made of steel structures with metal roof which make them very hot inside in the summer (or hot and extreme weather conditions). The heat often gets trapped and with the moisture in the floor, the body of the animals, water-troughs, and fodder etc. generates a very uncomfortable and humid environment.


Most barns are big (and usually very long) which often causes bad/inefficient ventilation. No matter how adequate your natural ventilation may seem you get airflow only around the opening of the doors and vents; the air remains stale and stagnant in the other areas.


These are harmful microorganisms which grow and live in the humid environment. Barns built of wooden structures are very conducive to the growth of these virus and bacteria which causes disease and illness.


Gases like methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide which often get formed in the fodder or other perishable stuff, and also released by the animals, can be so dangerous that they cause breathing trouble, may contaminate the farm produce, and even cause a fire.


In the winter (or cold and extreme weather conditions) the barns with steel structures often get frigid inside and cause absolute discomfort to the animals, sometimes drastic changes in their behavior, and even death.

These are some common but serious problems we’ve found in the dairy and other barns which sure make for very uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions for your cows (or other livestock). And it's equally uncomfortable and unhealthy for you and your workers too as they often have to spend long hours in the barn and stalls.

Heat and cold stress with uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions have some very adverse effects on cows, like -

  • Decrease in milk production

  • Reproductive and growth rate issues

  • Illness/disease

  • Aggressive/abnormal behavior

  • Even death

Now, air conditioning dairy barns is a big-ticket affair, and it's often very ineffective given the large barn-doors that need to be kept open most of the time.

Installing high speed box or other type of fans comes with their own set of problems, like -

  • They are usually installed vertically near the stalls or horizontally on top of the cows (or maybe at an angle some distance away) and create a very noisy and strong draft of air which is extremely uncomfortable and annoying to the cows and even humans - we don't like it!

  • The disruptive blow of air kicks up dust and other things that irritate cows - and the humans.

  • High-speed fans are not at all effective in ventilation or reducing humidity and moisture.

  • They come with a great risk of electrical and other hazards.

  • Given their nature of air movement they often create different temperature zones.

  • They consume a lot of energy which makes an impact on your bottom-line.

How High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans can help you -

  • The slow and massive air movement creates a natural, exhilarating breeze in your barn so your cows, and the workforce, remain comfortable, happy and productive.

  • They are exceedingly effective at mixing incoming fresh air with the indoor stale and stagnant air to maintain a healthier environment by greatly improving ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) and reducing the dangerous gases, the number of annoying flies and bugs, and eliminating noxious odors.

  • The massive air movement of HVLS fans - and the ensuing drying effect - reduces disease, and damage and waste of farm produce while reducing humidity and moisture.

  • The movement of their large blades scares birds away and keep them from nesting in your barn thus reducing/eliminating the nuisance and disease that they cause.

  • They eliminate different temperature zones and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the barn - adding to the comfort.

  • Some HVLS fans provide outstanding air movement with their large blades and low speed, so they require very less energy to operate. That apart, one 24 ft big fan can replace up to 48 high-speed fans and reduce energy consumption substantially; and you get more freed-up space around, while avoiding tripping and other hazards!

  • Their near-silent performance makes for a quieter environment.

  • And if you've made the mistake, and air conditioned your barn, HVLS fans can still benefit you by making air conditioning more effective. They let you set the thermostat several degrees higher for an equivalent cooling effect (reducing energy consumption significantly) and minimize the volume of air, and corresponding loss of cool air, that needs to be replaced with adequate ventilation.

  • In the cold weather conditions, some HVLS fans move air upward 3x more effectively to provide much better heating comfort through a process call heat destratification, and reduce heating costs by up to 40% or even more!