• The AirMotion Team

How Automobile Dealerships And Servicing Centers Benefit By Big HVLS Fans

For The Dealerships

Betcha you cannot sell a Porsche in a stuffy atmosphere!

Yes, you have a big air-conditioned showroom with Porsches, BMWs, Lambos strewn about. But if the atmosphere in your space is stuffy - or, for any reason, smelly ;-) - your esteemed customers would notice that, and might not feel good (and comfortable).

Now big air-conditioned spaces often get stuffy (for umpteen reasons, you know 'em all better than us). There may also be hot-and-cold zones, or pockets of inconsistent temperatures which only add to the discomfort. All these happen because the indoor air in big air-conditioned spaces mostly remains stagnant.

So, what you badly need in your showroom is a mammoth, massive, colossal air movement by big HVLS industrial fans that mixes the conditioned air thoroughly and evenly to blow away aaaaall the discomforting issues.

Wanna sell a Porsche in a breeze? You need big fans which are compact and powerful, fit tighter spaces, and move twice as much air as the ordinary others.

For Service Centers

A comfortable mechanic means a lot for your business

For automobile servicing facilities a comfortable mechanic means a lot. It won't be too wrong to say that your biz actually depends on your mechanics. If your mechanics are comfortable you may not have to be saddled with issues like -






And we know how difficult an auto mechanic's days can be ... often made even more difficult by the trying and awkward working conditions at the service bay. Add to this his sense of responsibility towards the safety of your customers and reputation of your business.

So, behind every shiny, spanking automobile vrooming out of your shop there's a lot of sweat and hard work of your mechanics. And you can wipe some of the sweat off, or make some of their hard work feel less daunting with big HVLS fans.


  • The mind-blowing breeze keeps your guys comfortable, happy, and most productive on a hot, humid day.

  • The massive air movement keeps your shop refreshing and healthy by eliminating toxic gases, poisonous exhaust fumes, and suspended particulate matters (SMPs) which often causes respiratory problems - a serious health issue in auto servicing shops, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and other serious long-term health issues including cancer.

  • If your facility is air-conditioned, big HVLS fans make it more effective, eliminate stuffy or smelly atmosphere, and reduce your HVAC energy costs by 20 to 30%

  • When the temps are below 70 degrees F and a breeze is not desirable, you can move air upward with big fans (more effectively, with some big fans) to keep your facility refreshing and healthy by eliminating the stagnant air - without a downward draft.

  • When it snows out there the same upward air movement recirculates the otherwise wasted heat (that gets stuck in the roof level) to keep your guys deliciously warm, and reduce heating costs by 40% or even more. Some big fans are 3x more effective in doing that than the others.