We're a family-run biz. And we gotta spend our money on making better fans. (Not on swag marketing.)

Yeah, we're big fans of making better use of our resources on what we do - making better big fans.

When we say OUTSTANDING air movement, we mean it!

  • Our 15 ft fan moves 340,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Equivalent to, or better than, any 24 ft fans. And fit any tighter spaces.

  • Our affordably priced 24 ft fans move a massive 710,000 cubic feet of air per minute which is twice as much when compared to others.

Our one of a kind VARIABLE PITCH TECHNOLOGY comes with no other HVLS fans.

  • Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™) allows you to move air the way you like. Wider or narrower. Down or up. Equally efficiently. According to your needs and changing floor conditions.

  • It's our patented technology, you get VPT with AirMotion Big Fans only.

Unlike the other 'big guys' AirMotion Big Fans are 3X MORE EFFICIENT when it comes to move air upward.

Moving air upward is pivotal for optimal Heat Destratification in the cold weather conditions. Which renders better heating comfort for you. AirMotion Big Fans do that 3X better.

The INNOVATIVE BLADES make all the differences.

  • We've put in a great effort to engineer our aluminum blades. Unlike other big fans that use off-the-shelf extruded aluminum blades designed to go in one direction our blades are symmetrical, and aerodynamically designed to blow air up - when running in reverse, or down - when running in forward. Equally effectively.

  • Our stronger yet light-weight, long-lasting, and low-maintenance Rotatair™ composite blades are molded to a shape that ensures much more efficient air movement with reduced drag and turbulence.

WAVE-LIKE AIR MOVEMENT makes all the differences.

Our composite material blades, and the aluminum blades, are designed to be symmetrical to move air down, or up, equally effectively. 

So, with two or more of these truly innovative big fans installed in your big space you can create a wave-like air movement by switching the direction of air flow - while one fan moving air down, make the other move air up - and greatly improve AIR MIXING, VENTILATION, and INDOOR AIR QUALITY.

Our LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITE BLADES are less affected by humidity or corrosive fumes, and require almost no maintenance.

Our precisely balanced set of six light-weight composite material blades (no more, no less) are less affected by humidity or corrosive fumes, and require almost no maintenance.

INNOVATION makes all the differences.

It takes a lot of sweat and blood to be innovative. We're the first to introduce advanced features to HVLS fans such as -

  • Our one of a kind Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™)

  • Composite material blades

  • Symmetrical, and aerodynamically designed aluminum blades

  • Low-profile design

  • Multimode Smart Control

before anyone could think of. We do the research to provide you Outstanding Air Movement in your big space.

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